Veterinarians save lives every day and can prevent diseases.

Veterinarians – How They Shape Our World

We all know that veterinarians have a major impact on our local communities and families by the care vets provide for our furry loved ones. They make sure our cats, dogs, and other pets are getting quality medical and dental care so that we owners can ensure a great livelihood for our pets. However, veterinarians also serve our country and our world in several other ways that most are not aware of.

  1. They Are Legit Superheroes

Every single day, a dedicated group of veterinarians are combatting human diseases and viruses through their active research. Most viruses and infectious diseases that people experience originally stem from animals or livestock, these are called zoonotic diseases. Millions of tests are conducted daily at labs such as the National Animal Health Laboratory Network to monitor herds and livestock to be proactive in any abnormalities. Least to say, they are a big deal!

  1. They Keep Our Food Safe

Veterinarians play a crucial part in food safety, meaning, how it is handled, the supply of it, and disease prevention. Vets meticulously oversee the care of livestock, as well as their health, to ensure that not only the livestock is being properly cared for, but the byproducts of the livestock will be safe for human consumption. This segment of the animal medicine industry is called Food Supply Veterinary Medicine.

  1. They Give Endlessly

While it is obvious that veterinarians provide amazing care to the pets of our communities, but some even do it for animals in need, at no cost! Many of our People, Pets & Vets hospitals spend countless hours working with local cat and dog rescues, by providing them with low-cost and cost-free services such as vaccinations, spay and neutering, and microchipping. We love that our hospitals care so deeply for their communities, so we dedicated a special campaign just for them called Unleashed In The Community

  1. They Are Wise Beyond Their Years

Veterinarians can see things that are not immediately apparent and are able to jump into action at a moment’s notice. With that, vets have an immeasurable amount of pride and love for the practice of veterinary medicine and want to take young DVMs under their wing to pass on their knowledge. It is important to experienced vets that they keep that pride and passion alive by mentoring recent graduates and even employing them, as someone else did for them.

Each day we are thankful for veterinarians all around the world for the care they provide to both animals and humans. We love to empower our veterinarians through continued education, growth opportunities and taking care of the back end business needs of the practice, so they can focus on the heart of vet med; caring for animals. If you are interested in learning more about why over 120 hospitals nationwide decided to partner with us, you can learn more here.