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People, Pets & Vets
We are WILD about people who share a LOVE for ANIMALS.

Sell your practice to a partner you can trust.

People, Pets & Vets is a doctor-led organization that partners with veterinarians to help them reach their full potential. We work with you, side by side, to help your practice flourish. We are serious about partnership, and we recognize you have a lot to offer.

You will be empowered to focus on what matters most; your patients.

Keep your local identity while we provide the resources to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Looking for awesomeness!

We are wild about people that share a love for animals. We are hiring team members and externs to join our fast-growing team!

We pride ourselves on providing the best care using progressive, modern medicine and surgery. We foster a culture of learning, respect and compassionate care.

Most importantly, we like to have FUN!

We're a different kind of animal

Led by Dr. Mike Murphy, we understand veterinarians’ needs and our reputation is our magic sauce. We have a strong track record of treating people well, always doing what we say, and creating a relationship built on trust.

We mean business
Years in Business
Compassionate team members
Compassionate team members
Always growing!

Our name says it all

We put pets at the center
About People, Pets & Vets
We are all about the people that share a love for animals
Our vets and the entire support team provide quality care for pets