South Bay Vet Hospital partners with a local school to allow kids to be a doctor for a day.

South Bay Veterinary Hospital – Veterinarian for a Day

South Bay Veterinary Hospital always goes above and beyond when it comes to caring for the community and their pets. South Bay Vet, located in Olympia, Washington, partners with their local elementary school, with several fun activities throughout the year. They hold a poster contest each fall and reward them with treats and prizes! In support of the PTA auction, the children win an opportunity to shadow the team and be veterinary doctors for the day. Each child gets their own scrub top and stethoscope and goes around the hospital to learn about day-to-day operations that take place at a pet hospital. They even get to try out their suturing skills on a stuffed animal. Many of these children fall in love with this profession which helps them learn more about themselves and their future! South Bay Veterinary Hospital also provides ponies, yes, ponies to their spring fair, which, we all know is every child’s dream come true!

Whether it is donating their time to the kids or encouraging them to be forward-thinking with their dreams (even if it is not in veterinary medicine), South Bay Animal Hospital is dedicated to inspiring the young lives of their community.

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