Concern for Animals Toast For Tails Fundraiser.

Toast For Tails

Here at People, Pets & Vets, we are so honored to have hospitals in our pawsome family that are dedicated to giving back to important causes. Several hospitals including Belltowne Veterinary Center, Chambers Prairie Animal Hospital, Steamboat Animal Hospital, Healthy Pets Animal Hospital, Oly Cats Veterinary Hospital, and Hawks Prairie Veterinary Hospital, sponsored the annual Concern for Animals (CFA) Toast for Tails Fundraiser.

CFA helps hundreds of pets in need every single month. Sponsorships and donations from community partners enable CFA to continue supporting pet owners who might otherwise seriously consider euthanasia, surrender, or even abandonment as their only option. They are dedicated to helping those that cannot help themselves in the community. This sponsorship allows them to showcase our hospitals’ dedication to their loyal community audience of over 4,300 people in Mason, Lewis, and Thurston Counties (and surrounding areas).

Our hospitals pride themselves on providing the highest level of service and care for pets in the community. By participating in events such as Toast for Tails, these amazing animal hospitals are actively practicing Passionate Care, one of People, Pets & Vets core values. If you believe that People, Pets & Vets is a good fit for you and are interested in learning about partnering with us, click here.

For more information about CFA and Toast For Tails, click here.