Belltowne Veterinary Center donates services to local animals.

Belltowne Veterinary Center – Making a Big Pawprint in their Community

Belltowne Veterinary Center not only strives to give their patients the highest level of care, but to truly be one with their community of Belfair, Washington. They are a full-service animal hospital that provides comprehensive pet care offering traditional and holistic services. Their dedication to their community extends to many events throughout the years to make a true impact.

Such events include the Entlebucher Mountain Dog Event, where they donated their services and offered blood drives for genetic testing. By testing these dogs’ genetics, breeders can make more informed decisions when it comes to ensuring the health of their dogs and their litters to come.

Belltowne also frequently works with the Mason County Humane Society by assisting with their microchip services to help keep the shelter dogs with their furever home and off the streets. The clinic also fosters cats from the Humane Society because Mason County does not have a building for cats alone. Staff members team up and head on this massive mission to help get cats and kittens a loving home. Lastly, each year, Belltowne Veterinary Center struts their stuff at the annual Belfair Christmas Parade and enjoys time outside of the clinic with their community.

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