Introducing the Sigrid Hardy Dental CE Scholarship – For LVTs, CVTs & RVTs!

Among the many loves of Sigrid Hardy was her extreme love of teeth…. all kinds of teeth, big teeth, little teeth, old teeth, diseased teeth, fractured teeth, AND, let’s not forget the gum health thrill! Pockets, furcations, and bony reabsorption! Oh My!!!

Sigie saw the practice of veterinary dentistry grow and develop and she embraced the advancements. But what really made her amazing… was her constant curiosity and the way she did her job; the enthusiasm she brought to everyday life!  Sigie could make anyone smile, most people blush, and many people rethink their lives!

In all parts of her life, she was always open to learning. Her second biggest skill was the way she taught all the time, making it all look painless. She knew so much about veterinary dentistry… the academic, the practical and the actual hand motor skills! We feel like the best way to honor our friend, the veterinary dentist of the group, who had a wicked sense of humor, is to establish…

Sigrid HardySigrid Hardy Dental Scholarship


$1000.00 to be awarded one time annually to the applicant that is a little bit bold, funny, warm, and also super interested in veterinary dentistry!




  • The applicant must be a (registered, certified or licensed) veterinary technician in good standing with the state boards and People, Pets and Vets
  • Must be employed by a People, Pets and Vets hospital
  • They must be going to a CE event with veterinary dentistry development as their primary objective
    • *Due to COVID-19, an online CE is acceptable in lieu of attending a CE in person. The CE must have a strong veterinary dental component as the primary focus.
  • The scholarship pays towards a future CE, not as reimbursement to CE obtained previously.
  • The applicant will need to have the respect of her/his coworkers, believing the applicant will use this opportunity to fruition!
  • The applicant must have a sense of humor!

To apply:


  • We would love to see the applicant’s sense of humor through a supplemental video or pictures!
  • The applicant will need to have a memo of recommendation from management at their home hospital.
  • The Applicant will need to supply a 1-page letter of interest including:
    • Interest/Passion for Veterinary Dentistry
    • CE event outlined including date(s) of CE occurring after November 1, 2021.
    • Memo of Recommendation from Management
    • Supplemental (Highly Encouraged but Optional!) Information in the form of video or photo or art piece.
  • Please submit your completed application materials (outlined above) to Hayden Milligan at [email protected] no later than November 1st  by Midnight PST.

Next Steps:


  • Applications will be accepted 1 time per year from September 17th – November 1st via email.
  • The Sigrid Hardy Dental CE Committee comprised of Becky Burnett, Brenna English, and Hayden Milligan will review all applications making a recommendation to Veterinarians Dr. Kim Martin (Hawks Prairie), Dr. Alena Cowell (Hawks Prairie) and Dr. Michael Murphy (Chief Pet Officer – PPV).
  • The scholarship will be awarded in writing to the applicant selected and their hospital management team by November 5th.