People, Pets & Vets Referral Program

LVT and DVM Employee Referral Bonus Program!

At People, Pets & Vets, we believe that our veterinary team members are our greatest advocates and are best able to share the rewarding career opportunities that we offer in veterinary medicine.  Research shows that hires who come into an organization through an existing employee are top contributors, stay with the hospital longer and are more cost-effective to recruit.   Traditionally, it takes 4 blind applications per external hire for 1 position to be filled; leading to a costly and timely recruitment process.  That is why we are working to pay a generous bonus to team members for Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) and DVM referrals!

Award amounts are determined based on role, status, and experience, as noted above.


Here’s a little more information on how the Referral Bonus Program works:

1. The New Hire must be hired within six months of the initial team member referral.

2. The referral must represent the candidate’s first contact with People, Pets & Vets. Temporary and former employees are not eligible candidates for the referral bonus but are eligible for hire.

3 To be eligible for an award, the referral must apply through and list the referring employee’s name – referring employees encouraged to notify the HR team as well.

4. To qualify for the experienced LVT/DVM bonus, the referral must have at least 1 year of U.S. postgraduate experience working in a veterinary hospital setting.

5. To qualify for the LVT bonus, the referral must hold a valid license for the state applying in. Uncertified technicians are not eligible.

6. Once a referral is hired and completes 90 days of employment, the employee responsible for the referral will receive half of the referral bonus. The second half will be paid upon the referred employee completing 6 months of employment.

7. Both the team member and the referred candidate must be employed and in good standing with People, Pets & Vets at the time of payment.

8. The first employee to refer the candidate will be the only referring employee eligible for the bonus.

9. Corporate Directors, Managing DVMs, Officers, HR Team Members, and members of Senior Leadership are not eligible to receive a referral bonus.

10. There is no limit to the number of referrals or bonus dollars that an employee may receive for qualified LVT/DVM referrals.

11. The bonus amount is considered taxable income, the amount paid to the employee will be fewer taxes.


For general questions, contact HR at:

[email protected]


Submit a referral to the recruiting team at:

[email protected]


Contact the payroll team at:

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