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Wondering if selling your practice is the next move for you? Take a look at what we offer to preserve your legacy and alleviate the pressure of running a business.

You can focus more on your patients

Do you have a desire to focus more time on patients?

Spend more time on your clinic

Are you spending a lot of time on non‑clinical tasks?

Find balance in your life

Are you looking for more life balance?

Considering retirement?

Are you considering retirement in the next 3‑7 years?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, partnering with People, Pets & Vets may be a good fit for you and your practice.
We are serious about partnership, and we recognize you have a lot to offer. We are big on flexibility, and we work with you to find the right selling structure that fits your business and personal needs to minimize your risk and increase your long‑term upside.

Let us take care of business

Partner with a proven management team to drive efficiencies and achieve business goals

HR Services

HR Services

We will help you manage all day to day HR processes and programs.

  • Streamlined payroll, benefits and compliance for all employees
  • Resources for employee engagement programs to keep your team happy and growing
  • Provide guidance on state regulations and supplemental benefits packages during times like the COVID-19 pandemic

IT Services

IT Services

Get access to innovative technology and technical support to stay ahead of the competition and ensure you are always up and running.

  • Technical support for clinic hardware and software
  • Maintain and monitor secure systems across the organization
  • Troubleshoot any issues that arise across all technical platforms

Marketing Support

Marketing Support

Drive sales and market share through digital marketing, local grassroots efforts, client acquisition, and retention programs.

  • Customized digital plan based on your new client growth needs
  • Guidelines to navigate Reputation Management and a strong Social Media presence
  • Client Retention programs, including automated communications to keep clients happy and coming back

Financial and Accounting

Finance and Accounting

Ensure a profitable future through short and long-term financial management. We’ll also handle payroll, accounts payable, and tax support.

  • Support for general accounting, including AP, AR and inventory
  • Budget management, including P&L and financial reporting
  • Vendor integration and management to ensure best quality and pricing



We will help you recruit and retain the best talent for your hospital.

  • Dedicated team to recruit the best DVMs and Techs for your clinic
  • Sophisticated online platform for all staff recruitment
  • Build relationships with candidates, schools and industry organizations

Operation Support and Strategic Planning

Operations Support & Strategic Planning

We’ll help you understand your hospital’s potential and help you reach your short- and long-term goals.

  • Custom planning to set and achieve mutual goals
  • Goal setting and creative solutions to help drive your success
  • Dedicated Regional Manager for day-to-day support, based on your needs

You focus on your passion

We know you wear a lot of hats. Let us take away some of the burden so you can focus on your true passion.
You have built a great business, and it is important to us that you maintain your local identity.

  • Retain Staff
    Retain Staff
  • Branding stays Intact
    Branding Stays Intact
  • Remain a part of the Community
    Remain a Good Steward Of The Community
  • Continue Culture
    Continue Culture
  • Your legacy will live on
    Comfort Knowing Your Legacy Will Continue On

Simply put, you maintain control over medical decisions, realize a better quality of life and have the opportunity to take advantage of added professional resources.