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We are in Louisiana…Let’s Geaux!

We are roaring with pride! People, Pets & Vets has expanded into the great state of Louisiana with our newest hospital in Shreveport. Initially, we started our mission to provide compassionate care to pets primarily in the Pacific Northwest. We have expanded over the past few years along the West Coast, the South, and the Southeast. Our diverse group of hospitals are proud to serve pets in the local communities of 13 states.

Our name says it all… we are WILD about people who share a love for animals. We are truly a different breed when it comes to who we are and how we operate. Each hospital has its own individual culture and the Service Center provides customized support while infusing “fun” into everything we do. Our clinics practice with medical autonomy, and in fact, we insist upon it. Our doctors are the experts and we are here to support them by ekiminating any background noise.

We know that happy and growing team members are our biggest asset. We are devoted to continuously improving support for employees and generating new opportunities for them. Interested in becoming part of the PPV family? There are currently openings for veterinarians, veterinary assistants, and more.

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