Leaving Pawprints in Our Communities

Our People, Pets & Vets’ (PPV) local animal hospitals love serving the pets in their community through compassionate care and top-quality medicine. Unleashed in the Community is an initiative that celebrates the good that our family of hospitals are doing to help even more pets in their local communities.
Our animal-loving team members are making an impact in their neighborhoods by partnering with local organizations, hosting pet supply drives, and volunteering at local animal shelters. They know that even the smallest efforts can make the biggest impact, and we are here to support, encourage and celebrate their dedication.
PPV is truly inspired by our hospitals’ philanthropy and is proud to introduce Bravado’s Campaign, a fund that supports organizations on a larger scale in the veterinary industry. PPV founder, Dr. Michael Murphy, had a childhood golden retriever named Bravado.  He shaped his life and led to him choosing a career in veterinary medicine. While veterinary school can dive deep into the medicine, Bravado was the constant reminder of his “why” behind this profession – to strengthen and nurture the human-animal bond.

Dr. Murphy, shared “We are so honored and feel so fortunate that People, Pets & Vets recently donated $50,000 to the American Veterinary Medical Fund to help their cause of rescuing the stranded pets in Ukraine. Due to the political unrest and citizens fleeing the country, millions of animals have been forced to fend for themselves, no longer receiving the care they need.”
With over 130 hospitals in the family, PPV is excited that our family has expanded and even more thrilled to celebrate their local altruistic endeavors!

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