Evergreen Veterinary Hospital

Evergreen Veterinary Hospital is located in Kirkland, Washington. Dr. Doug Iverson founded this hospital in 1978 and it has been named Best Veterinarian in Kirkland 6 out of the last 7 years!  Dr. Iverson will remain with the Evergreen team, and Dr. Marybeth Cullen will continue on as Medical Director.  Dr. Cullen started as an associate at Evergreen in 1987, and she will be joined by Dr. Jessica Wilcock and Dr. Alison Chan.

They have been providing compassionate veterinary care and support to pets and families in the area since 1978. They understand that your pet is more than just a dog or cat, but an important part of your family. You can count on them to meet your veterinary needs and treat your pet with the love and compassion they show to their own.

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