Adopting pets as a veteran can be beneficial and healing.

Pets for Vets: Connecting the Most Unlikely of Friends

It is widely known that pets have an amazing impact on us humans. Not only do they provide a cuddly companion for us, but their mere presence can have immense positive influences on our lives. This is especially true for those who have bravely served our country and are adapting to their life as a civilian. According to a study about Zooeyia, which represents the bond between humans and animals, it stated “…potential benefits (of a veteran adopting a pet) have been grouped into four components to describe the means through which (benefits) may occur: pets are builders of social capital, agents of harm reduction, motivators for health behavior change, and active participants in treatment plans…” (Williamson et al., 2021)..There are many great resources to support veterans during the pet adoption process.

Adjusting To A New Normal

Pets For Vets is a wonderful program for veterans who have the desire to add a new furry family member by matching vets with the perfect pet for their needs. Their methodology for pairing the perfect match is their unique philosophy called the Super Bond. The goal of the Super Bond is to create comfort and partnership between owner and animal to provide stability during this time of transition. Pets For Vets has a thorough interview process to ensure the needs of the veteran are met and that the Super Bond will be established, therefore, increasing the long-term success of the match.

Having a pet like a dog provides comfort to veterans.

Connecting The Most Unlikely of Friends

Not only can the human-animal bond save the lives of veterans, but the other way around, as well! Pets For Patriots is a nonprofit organization that not only assists veterans with finding their new pet, but helps shelters, rescues, and other organizations place more at-risk animals or animals that have been homeless for extended periods of time. Rescues and shelters all over the nation are able to gain more visibility of their more trying cases through Pets For Patriots and veterinarians are able to become a partner by providing more affordable care.

Why We Care

Here at People, Pets & Vets it is our goal to not only bring awareness to such organizations like Pets For Vets and Pets For Patriots, but to educate our veterinarians on ways they can give back to their own communities. One of the pillars of our core values is Passionate Care, which does not only apply to our staff and those in our family, but to our extended family of clients as well. Other resources to explore include: