Texting your clients as a DVM improves communication

The Benefits of Texting

With a 98% read rate, text messaging has become a popular and effective marketing trend. 9 out of 10 consumers prefer to text with businesses, and text messages are more likely to be read than emails. This is important to consider when thinking about different channels of communication with your clients.

Clearly, texting is the preferred medium of communication so why not use it to build strong relationships and foster trust with pet owners? Automated texts for reminders and appointment confirmations are a great start – but having two-way text conversations builds stronger relationships with clients. In addition to strengthening the client bond, there are tremendous efficiencies to be realized such as decreasing phone call volume, alerting pet owners with quick results, or an update when their pet has recovered from surgery. Also, while hospitals are facilitating curbside appointments, two-way texting drives a seamless curbside check-in process.


Key Benefits

The primary reason for client dissatisfaction is a perceived lack of communication, not a veterinarian’s qualifications, expertise, diagnosis or cost. When a client is frustrated, it typically is a result of a lengthy phone tree, being put on hold, or leaving a message with the hopes of a return phone call in a day or two.



It’s no wonder that clients are embracing newer forms of communication such as text messaging. Although some situations require a phone call or a face-to-face conversation, there are many scenarios where a quick text to the client will do the trick. Texting can have many benefits to improving client communication and operating more efficiently, such as:

  • A decrease overall call volume
  • More productive and beneficial communication with clients
  • An improvement in client satisfaction
  • The ability to share images for quick triage

Client communication is one of the key elements for success at your veterinary hospital. PPV knows running your business takes a lot which is why we provide our partner hospital with support and resources to make life easier.  Two-way texting and sharing of best practices are a few of the many examples of services we provide to our hospital leaders. The support we provide allows you to focus on what you love doing most – practicing medicine. Explore joining our family today by shooting us a message here.