about People, Pets and Vets

About People, Pets & Vets

Dr. Mike Murphy started his first veterinary hospital, Steamboat Animal Hospital, in 1992 in Olympia, WA. After 12 years of strong growth and excellent client service, the practice ran out of facility space to serve the loyal client base and he opened two more hospitals in the area, South Bay Veterinary Hospital,  and Hawks Prairie Veterinary Hospital.  In the same year, he also acquired a hospital, Healthy Pets Animal Hospital.  That’s when the light bulb went off for Dr. Murphy. His true passion was to help other veterinarians realize their own dreams, so over time he grew a collaborative group of partners that could all work together and provide stellar pet care to their communities, while he built a team to take care of all the back-end business needs. People, Pets & Vets was born with a Service Center that took the burden of HR recruitment, accounting, operations, marketing, and IT services to empower each hospital to place their primary focus on the patients and their team culture. Fast forward to 2018 and Dr. Murphy had built a collaborative group of 15 hospitals and together they brought on a professional management team. The purpose was to add more sophistication to the way we serve our family of hospitals and grow even bigger with a mission to serve more pets in our communities. We have enabled veterinarians to eliminate the individual risk and instead realize a longer-term upside as an equity holder in a larger group. Instead of the only growth path being to work harder and longer hours, we have created a network of passionate professionals that work smarter. We currently serve communities in Washington, Oregon and Phoenix and could not be more proud of all the clinics that are so passionate about serving our community through quality pet care and community involvement for pets in need.

A BIG shout out to our 15 strong!

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