Veterinary Associates of Murfreesboro

Guess what?! People, Pets and Vets is now in Tennesse! We are excited to welcome Veterinary Associates of Murfreesboro to our family of hospitals. Dr. Whit Morgan, Medical Director is joined by associate Dr. Kelsey Hays.  Veterinary Associates of Murfreesboro is a full-service small animal clinic that provides exceptional animal health care to pet owners in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas of Christiana, Bell Buckle, and Wartrace. Our comprehensive services include boarding, dental care, dermatology, professional grooming, in-clinic diagnostics, laser surgery, small ruminants, wellness care, and more.

At Veterinary Associates of Murfreesboro they combine the best features of both large and small animal health care clinics making their practice a professional, diversified, quality facility where you and your pet are known to their team on a personal basis. Their doctors are dedicated to providing the best care available in veterinary medicine while partnering with you to care for your pet throughout his or her lifetime. They offer compassionate, individualized care based on your pet’s age, species, breed, living environment, and health condition.

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