People, Pets & Vets Reaches 100 Hospitals

People, Pets & Vets is ecstatic to welcome Penny Paws Animal Clinics, which brings them to 100 hospitals in their family. Initially, the organization was concentrated in the Pacific Northwest and has expanded over the past few years along the West Coast, the South, and the Southeast. The diverse group of hospitals is proud to serve pets in the local communities of 11 different states.

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People, Pets & Vets is truly a different kind of animal. The Service Center’s number one goal is to support each hospital in a way that maintains its local identity and legacy. People, Pets & Vets not only encourages medical autonomy but insists upon it. Partnering with this company brings access to a larger network of collaborative veterinary professionals and resources.

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Two key ingredients to People, Pets & Vets’ success are a big focus on their people and innovation.  They admire the dedication and compassion of animal caregivers and have developed several programs to encourage professional and personal growth amongst veterinarians and support staff. The support teams in HR, Talent Recruitment, Operations, Marketing, IT, and Finance are constantly developing new resources and programs to keep the family of hospitals on the cutting edge of medicine and technology. These optional programs are offered to alleviate administrative work so that the veterinary staff can focus on providing excellent care to their patients. The team is celebrating in a big way and is excited about more growth and the opportunity to serve even more pets!

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